Sunette Bridges might be quiet, but her music will be remembered

Sunette Bridges is a South African music artist, the daughter of singing legend Bles Bridges, who once held a concert during the 1980s for the AWB’s People’s Help Scheme1 to raise money to feed the poorest of Afrikaners.

She was heavily criticized by the mainstream Afrikaans media last week because of comments she made regarding the euphoria surrounding Mandela day. Bridges said on her Facebook page that she would not idolize the “father of the militant struggle“(Mandela), and Anton Goosen, a liberal alienist song-writer and singer, replied by predictably accusing her of “racism.”2 Bridges, however, refused to let this meaningless accusation get the better of her and continued to proclaim her pride in her Boer heritage and culture.

Sunette follows in her father’s footsteps by launching and supporting actions that aim to provide help to the thousands of Afrikaner-Boer families living in the most horrendous conditions in South Africa today. She helps to build up national moral and Christian values and cultivates nationalism among the Boer people.

She has also, for example, written a blog post informing people of the Boer genocide currently happening under South Africa’s Marxist government.3 We pray that God will continually bless Bridges’ career and the good work that she is doing for our people.

Peep below to watch one of her awesome music video hits:- Sunette Bridges – Genoeg

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